Well the day has finally arrived and I am officially announcing Velocity 1.0. It is now a feature complete offline API documentation browser and search tool. Read all about on the product website.

There are still plenty of features in Dash (the inspiration for Velocity) that I plan to be working on and I have plenty of other ideas too. It would be great to get feedback on what you would find most valuable to help me prioritize what is next. I've already been speaking with Gerard Delmàs and testing his new release of the IntelliDash plugin, so I think something will be available soon. I will also be looking into a Visual Studio integration as soon as I can.

I'm committed to this product, but nothing gives a bigger vote of confidence than buying a license. My hope is that you'll find Velocity a tool worth paying for and if you don't please let me know how I missed the mark so I can continue to make improvements.

If your interested in the backstory of Velocity then please read the The Velocity Origin Story. It tells a little about me and how Velocity came to be.

Let the journey begin.